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reviewer #51388
I went to Brian's Auto Repair based on the reviews on this website, and I was very pleased with them. They seemed sincere and happy to help. They kept in touch well and explained everything to me. I would definitely go back there.
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reviewer #51387
I found Brian's Auto on this website. Thanks for all the feedback. Because of it, I took my Honda to them, and I will never go anywhere else. I love that they explain to me everything my car needs, and then they prioritize it WITH me so I can make an informed decision. They always make me feel valuable, and they take their time answering any questions I have. Keep up the good work guys - you rock!!

reviewer #51386
I knew that I had a problem with my 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, as it was making a god-awful noise whenever I turned. I spoke with the folks at Brian's, and they told me that they could take care of it. I actually went there based on the reputation that they had here on the cartalk website. I spoke several times with the shop, and they gave the car a whole tuneup, told me what the problems were, what NEEDED to be fixed, and what could wait a little longer if money was tight. They were outstanding in that they made sure that I didn't get screwed, and offered rides both home and to pick me up to get my car. I highly recommend this place.

reviewer #51384
Brian's took care of us on short notice, taking time to explain every part of what they would need to do. The final bill matched the estimate exactly, and they explained ways they could lower the bill and why (or why not) they would be a good option. They followed up on everything we needed in a timely, polite manner.

reviewer #51374
I found Brian's on this site and decided to try that out. When i called and described the problem, Chuck was the friendliest car guy i have EVER talked to - he was happy and sounded appreciative to have a new customer! When the tow guy took a little longer than expected, Chuck called me b/c he had been looking out for me and wanted to make sure i didn't have any problems getting the car to them. Further he said he had hoped he could get it back to me before the end of the day (i called at 2 and they close at 5:30) - he said he wanted to stay to make sure i made it. How accommodating is that? VERY! When i walked in the door he leaned in the shop and said hi, you made it and made a welcoming statement as another staffer filled out my paperwork. My only growl was my surprise that the cost was $150 more than the estimate. Turns out an employee had neglected to call me for an approval for an additional repair after i appoved initially. True, it was a maitenence item that was necessary..but i was grumbly about 1) not approving, 2) the unexpected surprise! However, an apology came quick with an offer of someone to follow up with me regardng the issue. I decided to forgo and am willing to go with them again. Very friendly and welcoming staff!

reviewer #51383

I took my 2001 Honda CRV to Brian's Auto in May 2004 after finding them on this web site. I thought that maybe my power steering pump was going out since I heard awful whining noises anytime I turned a corner or into a parking space. They discovered my rear differential was the problem and replaced the fluid. They suggested that I have the fluid replaced first before trying a more expensive repair. The noise has disappeared! They were able to get my car in quickly and fixed it in the same day. I would definitely take my car there again.
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reviewer #51381
May 12, 2004

Took our 2002 Chryler Van to the dealer because it was leaking transmission fluid. They said Pan gasket, Solenoid gasket, and oh, by the way, Water Pump is leaking...need a new one!!!! Total about $500....I declined. Took it to Brian...Loose Transmission pan, loose solenoid. Tightened them more leak. And the water pump is fine. My son turns 16 in a few months...when it's time for a car, you can bet we're buying it from Brian.
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reviewer #51380
I actually found Brian's Auto Repair on this site. People said such good things about them, I thought I'd give them a try. The radiator on my 1992 Toyota Celica was making bubbling sounds, and everything I read lead me to believe it could be a serious problem. They could have told me anything. But, it turns out it was only a faulty radiator cap, which ended up costing very little to replace. These people were so honest and good to work with. They're not especially close to my house, but it's well worth the drive to know I can rely on people who are good at what they do - and honest. I would recommend them anyone.
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reviewer #51377
When my old mechanic went out of business, I was really dreading finding someone new. However, I found Brian's Auto Repair and I feel like I've been with them forever. They are so helpful and most importantly honest!! It's a family-owned shop and they made me feel completely at home. At the same time, they had the knowledge that you would expect from a big shop. The other thing that I like about them is that they got my car in and out in the same day. What a pleasureable experience! I have recommended them to everyone I know!

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